Virginia Davis BrownThe Presbyterian Homes Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce that former Glenaire resident, Page Brown, has provided a gift, through her estate, of over $25,000 to the Micou Browne Endowment for resident financial assistance.

Virginia "Page" Davis Brown was born in the town of Milwaukee, North Carolina, on September 26, 1918. She was a graduate of East Carolina University. During her career, Page was a beloved and devoted first grade school teacher. A former student wrote Page a letter some years later, sharing that her warmth, happiness and love as a teacher was the woman's inspiration for also becoming a first grade teacher.

Page was an active member, for over 50 years, of First Presbyterian Church in downtown Raleigh. Among her many roles there, she served as a deacon and received an Honorary Life Membership by the Presbyterian Women. From the very beginning, she was a faithful member of the church choir and rarely missed a practice or an event.

At the age of 39, Page married her true love, Bill Brown. The couple were practically inseparable, but when they had to be apart, they constantly wrote notes sharing of their enduring love for one another. The couple had only one disagreement in 31 years of marriage; Bill wanted Page to join him on a business trip, but Page had already planned to attend a choir retreat. Although the two did not like to be apart, they did go their separate ways on this occasion due to Page's dedication to her choir.

A resident of Glenaire for 22 years, Page was deeply appreciative of the care and attention she received while there and was resolute in her desire to benefit Glenaire through her estate.

"The fact that Mrs. Brown remembered Glenaire in her estate plans is a testament to her love of this place and her generous spirit," shared Paul Gregg, Executive Director of Glenaire. "It is fitting that she would want to leave a legacy of generosity and caring for others."

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