Paul A. Peeples, Jr.

Paul A. Peeples, Jr.

The Presbyterian Homes Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce that a former 21-year Glenaire resident, Mr. Paul A. Peeples, Jr., has left an extraordinary estate gift in excess of $300,000 to Glenaire's Micou Browne Endowment, which provides resident financial assistance.

"When I joined my late father's CPA practice in the 1980s, Paul Peeples was a longstanding client even then. I came to know Paul very well after being assigned to handle his affairs and he often spoke of Glenaire as his home and of the residents as his family," says W. Foy Beal III, CPA. "Thus, it came as no surprise to me when I was advised of Paul's plans to leave the great majority of his estate to Glenaire. He asked that I handle the affairs of his estate and see to it that his wishes were carried out, and I have been honored and privileged to complete his directives."

Paul was born on September 6, 1928, in Newport News, Virginia. He graduated from Newport News High School and later earned a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He worked for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, in Raleigh, as a consultant in special education programs. Paul was a lifelong bachelor and had no children of his own, but was dedicated to the education, welfare and improved services for exceptional children across the state of North Carolina.

A Presbyterian, Paul grew up in the former First Presbyterian Church in downtown Newport News. In 1972, upon moving to North Carolina, he joined White Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh where he remained a member until his passing.

Paul loved all things beautiful and found that beauty in cats, music, and art. He enjoyed traveling, had a passion for detail, a hearty laugh, a gentle spirit and told stories that entertained and enriched those around him.

"Paul had an outgoing personality and as a resident was deeply engaged and involved, it was clear Glenaire and those living here were important to him. Paul's substantial gift is evidence of his sincere desire to ensure those he considered family would be taken care of should they ever run short of financial resources. Paul's gift is truly humbling," said Paul Gregg, Executive Director of Glenaire.

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